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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Deicide – To Hell With God

Death metal legends Deicide return with an utter vengeance on tenth studio album and Century Media debut To Hell With God. As the follow-up to their poorly received, lacklustre 2008 release, Till Death Do Us Part, the new album is a welcome step back in the right direction. To Hell With God demonstrates why Deicide have been one of the most prominent American death metal bands since the late '80s/early '90s. The album features the band's traditional barrage of vicious brutality and anti-Christian sentiments, but with much more technicality added to the mix, such as on "Witness of Death," which adheres to the current style of modern death metal

It is a very fine death metal album. a nice return to form after some hit and miss experimentation.Over all its pretty badass album \m/

Genre: Death Metal | 10 Track | Mp3 | 192 Kbps | 49.6 MB

Track List:

1. To Hell With God
2. Save Your
3. Witness Of Death
4. Conviction
5. Empowered By Blasphemy
6. Angels In Hell
7. Hang In Agony Until You’re Dead
8. Servant Of The Enemy
9. Into The Darkness You Go
10. How Can You Call Yourself A God


GADAFINY said...


Glovey said...

Some awesome songs in here man!

dgrphx said...

\m/(-_-)\m/ Fuck Yeah!!

Anonymouse said...

looks good, i might have to check it out a bit later.

Anonymous said...

Nice album cover, looks like apoc.

Havuelete said...

hell yeah!

Daan said...

I agree with that statement

Revi said...

I liked their early albums. Might check this one as well.

metalpark_73189 said...

\m/ \m/

D.B. said...

hahah oh yeah man!

mind said...

awesome stuff

Robert Fünf said...

Going to have to check this one out.

Hom Diddly said...

Awesome I'll be checking this out.