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Monday, February 14, 2011

Running Wild - Death or Glory

Running Wild - Death Or Glory

01. Riding The Storm
02. Renegade
03. Evilution
04. Running Blood
05. Highland Glory (The Eternal Fight)
06. Marooned
07. Bad To The Bone
08. Tortuga Bay
09. Death Or Glory
10. Battle At Waterloo
11. March on

Speed Metal is a very obscure subgenre. Those who think it is just fast power (because of the old Walls Of Jericho), is wrong, because DragonForce isn't speed metal. It has a diffrent sound. Speed Metal is, mainly, seen at the late 80s in Germany. Running Wild is one of these bands, and this album the best of them. So don't expect any ballads or some complex songs. Here you'll find simple, fast, and catchy songs (just like with most power metal).

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Body1 said...

Nice blog!!!

fallowing and supporting bro!!!

Exrodge said...

Cool! Heavy metal rule!

Damian said...

Thanks! Never hurt about speed metal before. Sounds interesting.

Bring_Napkins said...

Hell yeah, this is my kind of metal. Fast, and straight to the point, like a punch to the face.

Daan said...

nice, I like Bad To The Bone

Mike Yang said...

\,,| (-.-) |,,/

metalpark_73192 said...

Running Wild, the original pirate metalheads \m/

swagdigital said...

Heavy Metal! Good stuff, I need to acquire this album.

Robert Fünf said...

It's a shame these guys called it quits. They were good.

Charles said...

awesome cool blog

Havuelete said...

i was lucky to see their last show, great pirate speed metal!